Welcome to the SKA Observatory’s holding page. We’re building an out-of-this-world website to match our mission. In the meantime, visit www.skatelescope.org for detailed information about the SKA Project.


“We welcome the SKA to the family of International Organisations dedicated to science”


“Congratulations to the Square Kilometre Array Observatory, established as an intergovernmental organisation. The SKA will build and operate the world’s largest radio telescope, and we are looking forward to exploring the Universe together in the future”

- Space science directorate, ESA

“The International Astronomical Union congratulates the SKA on the signing of the international SKA convention”

- International Astronomical Union

“Congratulations to the SKA on the international treaty signature establishing SKA as intergovernmental organisation. The ESO community is looking forward to the opportunities for astronomers to use both our facilities in the future to further our knowledge of the Universe”

- European Southern Observatory

“Congratulations to the SKA. It is the beginning of something big and cosmic. We look forward to continuing to work together”

- Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Observatory

“Congratulations to the SKA on the historic signing of the SKA treaty. Complementary survey projects will advance astronomy together. LSST is excited about all the opportunities and discoveries ahead”

- Vera Rubin Observatory

“Congratulations to the SKA on its establishment as an intergovernmental organization. At GMT we understand that big plans are needed to do big science”

- Giant Magellan Telescope Organization

“Congratulations to the SKA observatory with the treaty signed on becoming an intergovernmental organisation that will build and operate the world’s largest radio telescope to explore the Universe. A great future ahead”

- European Spallation Source

“Nations have banded together to create one of the largest science projects in history. Congratulations to the SKA and their international collaborators on this seminal event “

- National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA

“Congratulations to the SKA on the signing of the SKA treaty. The SKA will be one of the largest radio telescopes leading world astronomy in the future and will have the potential to elucidate the origins of life, stars, galaxies, and ultimately the Universe”

- National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

“Congratulations to the SKA on the signing of the SKA treaty – we’re looking forward to the contributions this amazing observatory will make to astronomy, including the search for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth”

- Berkeley SETI Research Center, USA

“Congratulations to the SKA on signing the SKA treaty and becoming an Intergovernmental Organization. The convention puts science diplomacy into practice to strengthen global scientific collaboration and expand research capacities and infrastructure in all countries involved”

- Center for Science Diplomacy, USA